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Marriage Equality: Cimarron Alliance Response

The United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit has ruled that Oklahoma must allow same-gender marriage.

Executive Director of the Cimarron Alliance applauded the ruling, “We are thrilled with this ruling,” stated Scott Hamilton. “It marks a major step forward in the march toward equality for all people. There are those who will decry this ruling saying, ‘But the people have spoken!’ Indeed they have; in much the same way that the majority supported slavery in an earlier time. The Supreme Court has clearly affirmed, and this ruling underscores, that when it comes to rights, privileges, and responsibilities, it is the Constitution—not the people—that prevails.” Scott J. Hamilton Executive Director Cimarron Alliance Equality Center...

My name is Boone, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.


My name is Cody, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.


My name is John, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.


My name is Lisa, and I love a gay Oklahoman.


My name is Mark, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.


My name is Penny, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.


My name is Rob, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.


My name is Saul, and I’m a gay Oklahoman.