Marlo considers herself an Oklahoman, growing up in Mustang beginning at age 6.  She received her B.A./D.D.S. degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and went on to earn a Masters of Science and certificate specializing in the field of orthodontics from the University of Tennessee in Memphis in 2005.  After moving back to Oklahoma, she built an orthodontic practice from scratch on the west side of OKC, which has grown into a thriving local business.  She enjoys being able to treat patients of all ages, as well as watching the journeys of changing people’s bites and smiles; the results, of which, make people more comfortable and confident, and can be life changing and very rewarding for all involved.  Marlo is very excited to be able to collaborate with Cimarron, DBA, and the LGBT community in a process that parallels her career with the opportunity to touch lives in such a positive way and in hopes of continuing to pave the way for future generations to come.  Although free time can be a little hard to come by, she has many diverse interests, topped by an avid love for mountain and road biking.