LBGT groups show ‘face’ of Oklahoma; offer support

OKLAHOMA CITY -Today at the Cimarron Alliance, a photo shoot. The faces in these photos: Oklahoma’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens.

“It’s less of a melting pot, and more of true diversity within Oklahoma City,” said Scott J. Hamilton, executive director of the Cimarron Alliance.
The point of today’s shoot: members of the LGBT community are in every day life whether you know it or not—living and working beside you.
Kristin Davis is the president of Woven, a national online resource for the LGBT community, started in Oklahoma City.
“This is the time for change in Oklahoma,” she said.
She says Oklahoma is moving forward and needs a place like Woven. It provides legal and financial assistance to couples who aren’t sure how to navigate through insurance or tax situations, for example.
“I think this is a statement of where we’re headed, and the progress we need to make here in the state,” Davis said.
She says starting Woven in Oklahoma was because it is a progressive place.
“Voices are becoming louder and they’re becoming heard,” she said.
Back at the Cimarron Alliance, they agree progress is being made, even in a conservative state. They say that’s because the faces of LGBT are the faces of regular Oklahomans.
“This is a magnificent place to live, to raise children, but it can be so much better, and it will be, if we continue to embrace each other as not just fellow Oklahomans, but truly as friends,” Hamilton said.

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