Stress Less Meditation

Stress Less-Meditation for Beginners is exactly that, a beginning class for those who are interested in meditation and to help us stress less in our daily lives. The daily challenges & stress of modern life is directly linked not only to health problems but also to relationship, financial, career & other difficulties. Meditation not only directly and immediately reduces stress but has been shown to improve almost every area of life where people experience problems. All problems begin first with how our brain and our thinking respond to challenges. Meditation not only helps us respond more effectively to difficulties in life, it can increase our awareness of possibilities and opportunities for growth & peace of mind.
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Everyone wants to be happy and have inner peace.  Meditation is a vehicle for training the mind to achieve these things.  In Stress Less, we offer several techniques for people to begin meditating.  We teach breathing meditation, visualization meditation, centering thought meditation, etc.  Sometimes the meditations are led by an individual or sometimes from a guided meditation on CD, MP3, or other media.  We usually have two short meditation sessions following by discussions and questions.  The meditations are non-sectarian and anyone of any religious tradition can use the meditations to improve their daily lives.