Outt Late

Many of the LGBT youth population today has the courage and motivation to come outt soon as their true gender is recognized within themselves, or at least by the time the age of 30 has been reached. Then there are those of us who are older and for a multitude of reasons could not let our true gender and/or orientation be known when we were younger, but have moved forward past those obstacles, both real and perceived. Sadly, there are also older LGBT individuals who remain fearful of being outt and of having their true orientation known.

Outt late

We are here for you. Cimarron Alliance has support programs for older individuals, both women and men. Outt Late is the women’s support group. Whether you have come outt late in life, or are considering coming outt publically or privately, we are here to support you as you become your genuine true self.


Individually, all of our lives are vastly different; as a group, our questions and concerns are very much the same. Some of my own questions and concerns were:

  • What do I tell my children (friends, other family, co-workers, etc.), and how will they react?
  • Who can I talk to that has gone through this same situation?
  • Which churches support the gay community?
  • Are there places locally where other gay women hang out?
  • Where do I go to meet other women (for friendship and/or dating relationships)?
  • Are there businesses and venues that are more gay friendly than others?
  • There are words within the culture that I don’t understand and I’m embarrassed to ask.
  • Am I being untrue to myself if I choose to not be openly gay where I work?

Your individual questions will differ of course, and we have resources to help you with your needs. We are not counselors or therapists, and do not present this support group as such. But we do offer nonjudgmental support for all women seeking assistance, and promise to keep your participation completely confidential if you so choose. The Outt Late support group offers acceptance, answers, and genuine concern for your well-being. We also laugh a lot and have fun! Please feel very welcome to join us.