Cimarron Young Professionals

Cimarron Young Professionals aims to connect young LGBT professionals in the Oklahoma City metro to one another, to business and community leaders, and to other professional groups who represent Oklahoma’s diverse communities.

2014-2015 Schedule:

Dates Purpose Location
Meeting 1: 9/16 Recruitment/Social/Networking CYP Kick-Off
M2: 11/18 Community Service & Holiday Party TBD
M3: 1/20 Professional Development TBD
M4: 3/17 Community Service TBD
M5: 5/19 Recruitment/Social/Networking TBD
M6: 7/21 Professional Development TBD
M7: 9/17 Recruitment/Social/ Networking TBD
M8: 11/19 Community Service & Holiday Party TBD