be the change

be the change

Be The Change is a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to connect with our marginalized citizens through service and advocacy; working together to build and sustain healthy communities.  When we seize the opportunity to be of service to others, we tear down the walls that separate us.

Be The Change was founded on the premise that each of us has a gift to give to the world. When we share our time, talents and resources with others we create lasting change. Our efforts impact the lives of others and can change the face of entire communities.

Be The Change is more than the organization’s name, it is a call to action; a challenge. It is the understanding that if we can help someone else, we must; and that we are not required to do everything, but we are required to do something. 

We collaborate with other organizations to eliminate the duplication of services and maximize available resources. We believe that through collaboration we can reach more people with a wider array of supports.

Be The Change assists and supports those in need in the communities in which we work.  We seek to improve the lives of those who are vulnerable and marginalized.