Diversity Business Association


Cimarron Alliance’s Diversity Business Association is a collective of LGBT-owned and LGBT-allied businesses. Together we are supporting business, advancing equality, and improving the economy.


The Diversity Business Association began in 2005 as a professional networking group of Metropolitan Oklahoma City business professionals and community members.


As a program of Cimarron Alliance, the Diversity Business Association has a mission to support educational efforts that validate personal identity, promote public enlightenment, and advance equality for LGBT Oklahomans.


The vision of Cimarron Alliance is ”a fair and just Oklahoma.” As a Cimarron Alliance program, the Diversity Business Association is working to achieve fairness in economic opportunities, while working to create a just work environment for all Oklahomans.

DBA – We mean Business

Business Diversity Facts

  • Controlled experiments reveal sexual orientation discrimination in workplace settings.
  • Fifteen to 57% of transgender people also report experiencing employment discrimination.
  • Gay men earn 10% to 32% less than similarly qualified heterosexual men.
  • In states that currently prohibit sexual orientation discrimination, LGB people file complaints of employment discrimination at similar rates to women and racial minorities.
  • Transgender people report high rates of unemployment and very low earnings.
  • When surveyed, 16% to 68% of LGBT people report experiencing employment discrimination.
  • When surveyed, many heterosexual co-workers report witnessing sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace.

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