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Cimarron Alliance advances equality among all Oklahomans by offering educational programs that promote awareness of and sensitivity to LGBTQ identities and issues; advocating on behalf of LGBTQ Oklahomans on a local and statewide basis; supporting initiatives that benefit LGBTQ Oklahomans and their Allies both individually and as a community.
Membership & Volunteering Your membership in Cimarron Alliance makes you a stakeholder in justice for LGBT Oklahomans. What’s more, it also qualifies you for discounts to special Cimarron events, invitations to members-only programs, and more. Become a member of Cimarron Alliance today and you’ll be helping us move toward a fair and just Oklahoma.


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We simply could not operate without our most precious resources: our volunteers. By volunteering at the Cimarron Alliance Equality Center, you can put your experience, expertise, and passion to work for your community, all while building new leadership skills and having fun! Whether you have time to give every week, or just a few hours a month, we would love to count you among our volunteers! Volunteer


The essential programming offered by Cimarron Alliance would not be possible without the generous support of friends like you. Please consider making a contribution today by clicking the button below. Cimarron Alliance is central Oklahoma's preeminent LGBT advocacy and education organization. Your donations allow for the continued programming and services offered by
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